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emancipation comes through knowledge.
distinguish what you were and
what you are.
— 05/05/2011

real beauty is recognized by touching it
or allowing to be touched by.
— 19/03/2011

your will is limited, your wishes aren't.
grasp to them.
— 05/02/2011

to outspeak is to underdo.
(good bye for now)
— 22/11/2010

the greatest shame of a man is
to not know himself.
— 17/11/2010

without a reason to exist, all you did
will fade with time.
— 19/08/2010

your choices create your world.
how you face them creates yourself.
— 09/03/2010

the first and last step to self
improvement is to realize you are
still ordinary.
— 04/03/2010

stimulus is a fuel.
be aware of your senses.
— 21/02/2010

steal from me, but take it to where
i couldn't.
— 16/01/2010

observe till you learn.
be aware when you preconceive.
stop when you judge.
— 08/01/2010

be proud to dream.
— 26/12/2009

seek your fantasies to meet
— 23/12/2009

be yourself and be significant.
— 22/12/2009

time is symbolic.
— 18/12/2009

if you are not the first, be the second.
good ideas are made to be followed.
— 2009

quality is generated by
consuming quality.
— 2008

execute your ideas or yourself.