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typo/graphic posters

typo/graphic posters is a platform for research of posters, a curated gallery for promotion of good design, a place to come back for inspiration. it's also one of my greatest achievements to date, an ongoing project that grows indefinitely, gathering and promoting our passion for design.


one of the main dance clubs of brazil, anzuclub is one of the top 100 best clubs in the world for 2 years in a row. this website marks the maturity of its visual identity that were first implemented at the end of 2008, and the beginning of a new phase where no more flyers are printed and the promotion is exclusively digital, putting this website to the test.


one of the simplest websites i developed but yet one of the most adequate and efficient ones. a fine design by eduardo solci.

black maria

a modern motion and video production house that works in the advertisement market in brazil. has also engaged in the film industry with the long \"dois coelhos\".